Mini GPS Tracker-Waterproof GSM AGPS Tracking System for Children/Parents/Pets/Bicycles

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This GPS Tracker device has many diverse uses: trace the location of, for example, lost pets, children, older people or vehicles.
Suitable for kids, dog, cat, granny, granddad, car, truck etc.
The tracker also has an SOS button: you simply press this button and an SMS with current location data will immediately be sent to all authorized telephone numbers and surveillance systems.
The software supports iOS and Android devices (free download via iTunes or website); Charging time: 3-4 hours; Operating time: 100 hours, Standby time: 240 hours (power saving mode); GPS accuracy: 5 meters; GPS sensitivity: -159dBm; Waterproof: IPX-6; Dimensions: 5cm x 5,5cm x 2cm; Weight: 49g; Color: black.

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Includes: 1 x TK105 tracker with USB charging cable, USB plug adapter, and Phillips screwdriver.

Q1: Is this magnetic so I could attach it under my car or moped?
Answer: TK105 is not magnetic, but it has a hole on the lower right corner. So you can put a key ring through or attach it with a cable wire.

Q2: What sort of battery does the unit use and how long does it last? Is the battery rechargeable?
Answer: The GPS Tracker TK105 uses a rechargeable battery with 1000 mAh. In power save mode and just one call a day the battery last for approx. 10 days.

Q3: Does this fit directly on to a pets collar?
Answer: No you would need to find a way of fixing to a pets collar

Q4: Does the tracker ring or make a noise when you call it?
Answer: No it doesn’t.

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Weight 118 g
Dimensions 5 × 5.5 × 2 cm


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