TV simulator – keeps your house safe while you are away!


Planning to leave the house for a few hours? Or going on a vacation?
In your absence, this LED TV simulator will take care of your home security! It will help protect the house or apartment from thieves while you are away. How? Just plug it in, set it not far from your window and it will create the effect of a working television in the dark.

– imitates the work of the TV (changes the brightness and color of the glow creating the effect of switching channels);
– built-in light sensor & timer
– settings include 3 different programs: 1)”Dusk + 4 hours” – built-in light sensor will turn home security TV on at dusk and will work continuously for 4 hours and then standby automatically; 2) “Dusk + 8 hours” – continuously works for 8 hours and standby automatically; 3) “ON Program” – works all day & night without stop
– 9W 500 mA power adapter and English user manual included;



Do not use the product in humid & high-temperature environment.
Aim at a translucent shade or windows
Make sure the product can’t be seen from the outside

Additional information

Weight 270 g
Dimensions 16.2 × 10.5 × 6.5 cm


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Make a perfect gift for yourself, your friends and family!
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